P Square admit ‘we don’t own private jet’

Posted on Jun 25 2012 - 11:47pm by Scoop Hunter

While Africa and fans of Peter and Paul Okoye aka P-Square are still rejoicing over the duo’s supposed acquisition of a private jet, information from the camp of the Nigerian duo indicates that the group does not own a private jet, contrary to initial reports.

P Square deny owning this private jet

P Square deny owning this private jet

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Peace FM’s ‘Entertainment Review’, publicist for the group, Bayo Adetu, disclosed that it was not true that P-Square had acquired a private jet but rather, the group had a deal with a private jet company, who had designated one private jet to it to use when it deemed it necessary, stressing that Peter and Paul did not own it.

“Concerning the private jet, I think it’s been added to P-Square’s entourage because we have a deal with a private jet company, so I mean whenever P-Square has any official show, they are entitled to travel with the private jet anytime any day”.

Nonetheless, P-Square still remains the only artiste in Africa to sign such an exclusive deal with a jet company which gives it full access to a jet at any point in time. Asked to confirm P-Square’s reported deal with Universal Records, he said, “Yeah, it’s true. The contract was signed on Thursday, 31st May 2012”.

He also cleared doubts that the deal was only limited to South Africa and not Universal Records Worldwide.

“I think there was some misinformation because it is a worldwide contract, but the only thing is that it was signed in South Africa so the representatives from South Africa must have transferred the documents back to their headquarters, which of course, is worldwide. It is not limited to South Africa or Africa, it’s a worldwide thing”.

He explained that this meant a lot of good things were coming their way and this deal was just one of them.

“Both parties are happy about the contract and we are both comfortable with everything that comes with it. That is all I can say for now”.

Speaking about P-Sqaure’s latest collaboration with American rapper Rick Ross, Bayo said it was a big collaboration titled ‘Beautiful Onyinye’, and they just released both the video and the audio worldwide, adding that the video for the song was shot in Miami, Florida and Cape Town in South Africa, and directed by the elder brother of P-Square, Jude Okoye, who also doubles as the twins’ manager.

Asked how much it cost to shoot such a world standard video, Bayo said, “It cost millions of Naira. I wouldn’t say exactly how much it cost them but of course when you look at the quality of the video and what it took them to travel from Nigeria with their crew to America, back to South Africa and any other thing, you should have an idea of how much it takes. So I will not mention particular figures but trust me, it cost millions of Naira”.

As to whether it was true P-Square paid money to American artistes to feature on its songs, he answered in the negative, saying, “The truth of the matter and the good thing about these collaborations is that they come as a mutual agreement with all the parties involved.

Nigerian music is improving by the day and it is attracting international attention and most of the international stars too always like to work with the Nigerian stars. So far so good, P-Square has never paid any money to anyone to feature or to do any collaboration with them”. According to Bayo, P-Square had an official contract with Akon’s Konvict Music and it was part of the contract for both of them to work together with several artistes.

“There are still better things they are going to do together, so it’s not a matter of Akon paying P-Square or P-Square paying Akon; it is a contractual thing and they are both doing well”. Concerning rumours that P-Square had still not received the 1million dollar price for winning the ultimate award, ‘Best Artiste Of The Year’ at the Kora Awards 2010, Bayo could not deny or confirm.

“Concerning the Kora issue, we have decided not to make any official statement about it because there are so many other issues attached to it, and there are so many people involved including the Kora Awards organizers, the Nigerian government and other people. It is not just a P-Square thing and because it is not only P-Square who are involved in it, we have decided not to make any official comment about that”.

When Kwasi Aboagye, host of the show, asked him to be specific as to whether the money had been paid or not, he could not give a definite answer. “The bottom line or the truth of the matter is that we are happy we are moving on with our game and we don’t want to be detracted by the Kora Awards thing, whether they have paid us or not”.

P-Square remains the only artiste that has scored platinum with all past three albums including its latest album ‘Danger’. Its debut album, ‘Last Nite’, which was released in 2003, made the duo a household name in Nigeria. It followed it up with its second album titled ‘Get Squared’ in July 2005 with hits like ‘Temptation’ and ‘Busy Body’.

In November 2007, P-Square released its third award-winning platinum album titled ‘Game Over’, with hit songs like ‘Do Me’ and ‘Roll it’. It received more accolades for its style and its collection of breath-taking music videos. It released its fourth album titled ‘Dancer’ and it released its fifth album, ‘Invasion’ on 25th July 2011.

At the Kora All Africa Music Awards 2010 held in Burkina Faso, P-Square won the topmost award, ‘Best Artiste of the Year’ with an ultimate cash prize of 1million dollars. The group has been nominated for the newly created ‘Best International Act’ category for the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards.