Saudi princess arrested for turning a Kenyan woman into a slave

Posted on Jul 15 2013 - 12:49am by Scoop Hunter
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Reports indicate that Meshael Alayban, a Saudi princess, has been arrested in the United States for turning a young Kenyan woman into her slave. Alayban is one of the wives of a grandson of Saudi King, Abdullah. 

images (11)Alayban, 42, reportedly forced the yet unnamed Kenyan woman to be the equivalent of a slave by withholding her passport and forcing her to work in deplorable and abusive conditions.

Alayban was arrested in Orange County, California after the Kenyan woman escaped from the house she was being held in and informed the police. The Kenyan woman reportedly used to work for the family in Saudi Arabia before being brought to the US.

Alayban was released on a $ 5 million bond on Thursday.

“She is required to wear a GPS tracking device, is prohibited from leaving Orange County without permission from the Court and is barred from having any contact with the victim.”

Apart from the fact that she is 30 years old, little else is known about the Kenyan woman in the case. Some US news outlets are however reporting that the woman went to Saudi Arabia to work as a house help in order to pay for her daughter’s medical care.

The Kenyan woman only got paid $220 a month despite singing a contract with an employment agency that entitled her to $1,600 a month.